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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Strategist

Monkee-Boy Web Design is looking for a full-time Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Strategist to join our Digital Marketing team. This group works closely with each other and our clients to create, execute and continuously improve high-performing digital marketing initiatives.

The Search Engine Marketing Strategist is responsible for developing and executing thoughtful search marketing strategies—both organic and paid—that are designed to achieve our clients’ desired marketing outcomes. The successful candidate will also be experienced in collecting and analyzing relevant business data to optimize campaigns and report on their effectiveness to clients and other team members.

Primary Responsibilities

To achieve success in this position, an individual must be able to perform the following job functions with a high degree of accuracy and professionalism in a fast-paced environment:

  • Search Engine Optimization—evaluate the technical, on-site and off-site elements that impact a client’s ability to effectively reach target audience members via search engines, then develop successful strategies for improving search effectiveness.
  • Paid Search Campaigns—plan, create and manage high-performing paid search campaigns for our clients that will produce desired results upon launch and consistently improve over time.
  • Content Marketing—work closely with our content team to assist them in planning and creating content marketing deliverables that will resonate with target audiences and perform well in search engines.
  • Analytics & Reporting—collect and analyze data on our search marketing tactics that will provide the business intelligence needed to continually improve our efforts, while giving our clients the information that will help them understand how our marketing activities are impacting their business.
  • Client Communication—communicate with clients by phone, email and online to ensure that they always know 1.) what we’re doing; 2.) why we’re doing it, and 3.) how well it’s working.
  • Process Development—contribute ideas for process improvements across our digital marketing offerings to increase the quality and efficiency of the services we provide to our client accounts and internally.
  • Search Marketing SME—stay up-to-date on search marketing industry trends and best practices so you can serve as an expert resource for our clients, staff and prospects.


To be considered for this position, applicants should have the following qualifications and skills:

  • Education/Experience—at least three years’ professional experience in executing successful SEO tactics and two years’ experience in managing all aspects of advanced paid search campaigns. A bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications or related field (or equivalent professional experience) is strongly preferred.
  • Quality Work—experience producing thoughtful and successful search marketing strategies and deliverables that have helped an organization achieve its desired marketing outcomes.
  • Industry Knowledge—an in-depth understanding of current digital marketing principles, and how elements of a digital marketing stack should work together to achieve desired business objectives.
  • Written Communication—the ability to write and edit different types of content—from headlines to multipage resources—that is clear, effective and performs well in search.
  • Customer Focused—understanding of content marketing principles, user personas, customer journeys and how search marketing channels can contribute to the overall success of an integrated content marketing program.
  • Continuous Learning—the desire to continuously improve digital marketing knowledge by pursuing development opportunities and seeking feedback from colleagues to improve performance.
  • Teamwork—a collaborative mindset that encourages a positive team atmosphere by being objective and open to others’ views, while putting team success above individual contributions.
  • Professionalism—performs well under pressure, accepts responsibility for own actions and contributes to a professional company image in the workplace and at client meetings.
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