7 Features of a Great Marketing WordPress Theme

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Researching Website Design

So, you’ve been tasked with finding a WordPress theme for your company’s website redesign that will also work well for your digital marketing efforts, huh? Starting the hunt for a good marketing WordPress theme can feel very overwhelming. There are thousands of WordPress themes available out there with any number of features and options. How do you narrow it down … Read More

Four Tips for Hiring a Good SEO Firm for Your Business

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start-up company needing a good seo firm

In today’s SEO climate, where Google penalties can result in all of your web pages getting removed from search results, hiring the wrong SEO company can have disastrous implications on your ability to conduct business. In some ways, this is no different than other industries. If you hire the wrong attorney for your company, you could end up with legal … Read More

Why Going Viral is a Weak Goal (And Tips to Go Shareable)

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Do you remember Zack Danger Brown’s potato salad Kickstarter? I recently received a message from Kickstarter asking me to either change or confirm my address so that I could receive my “reward” (a photograph of Zack making the potato salad) for pledging $2.00 to the campaign. In case you forgot (I did), Zack’s potato salad Kickstarter went viral this past … Read More