Your job is to provide an excellent service to your customers. Our job is to help you define every stage of your purchase cycle so that they know where to find you.

We work with you to define measurable business goals.

One of the first steps in our process is to help our clients prioritize their goals. We help you make those goals stronger and more measurable. Then we build a strategy around the goals that matter the most to you.

Not all goals are good goals. Knowing the difference between a strong business goal and a flimsy one helps business owners and marketing managers accurately measure success.

A business goal is one with a number value and something to compare. Example: Say you’re a baker with a secret family recipe for the world’s best chocolate chip cookies. Your initial objective might be: “I want everyone to love my chocolate chip cookies.” But this goal won’t tell you anything at the end of the day because it is simply too vague. A better goal might be: “I want to sell 30% more chocolate chip cookies this year than I did last year,” or “I want to sell cookies to 5% more first-time customers this quarter than last quarter.”

We’ll look at your products and services and the goals you’ve defined in the past to help you build a better plan of action going forward.

We dive into the data.

We are constantly evolving our practice to better utilize data. We help our customers ensure that their digital marketing activities have a data-driven foundation.

We’ll help you set up a business benchmarking plan that maps to your analytics metrics. The metrics help us determine where to direct our efforts and what type of content will resonate best with your audience during different points in their buyer journeys.

We track everything we do. You will have a dedicated digital collaboration space where we’ll post metrics reports about your website, ongoing SEO, content marketing, and paid search activities. You will only be surprised by how communicative our team is with yours.

We help you build a strategy that you can execute.

We specialize in developing content marketing strategies for every stage of the purchase funnel. We have in-house content specialists who weigh your data in conjunction with your branding guidelines to craft the appropriate content for each phase.

Sometimes, clients come to Full Funnel Marketing with great content resources in their wheelhouse. If that sounds like you, we can help you get organized with a strategy and give your team the direction it needs to execute. We’ll help you optimize what you already have and check back in when it’s time to assess how your digital marketing content lines up with your business goals.

Lastly, we’ll develop a CRM to keep track of prospects, customers, and everyone in between. Managing all of your relationships ensures that you serve the right people with the right content.

See how we transform prospects into delighted customers who keep coming back.

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