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  • joe pickerill

    Joe Pickerill

    Founder + CMO

    Joe started Full Funnel Marketing when he recognized a need for his clients. In his 20+ years of experience, he worked to achieve digital marketing success for everyone from Fortune 100 companies to mom-and-pop small businesses. He is Full Funnel Marketing’s go-to numbers guy with an impressive understanding of how analytics and SEO data work to inform marketing decisions.

  • jessica canales

    Jessica Canales

    Maintenance Manager

    Jessica makes sure our clients’ websites work to meet the high expectations of today’s users and the client’s objective. She is a WordPress expert with a background in editing and proofreading. Jess makes sure that all of your website’s moving parts are well-greased and functional. And she’s there for our clients when something breaks, too.

  • nicole basham

    Nicole Basham

    Content Marketing Strategist

    Nicole works with clients to implement effective and sound content marketing campaigns. From developing a strategy to keyword research to creating and optimizing copy, Nicole helps clients meet their digital marketing goals.

  • nicole basham

    Brandon Dunham

    Search Engine Marketing Specialist

    Being a former business owner and Director of Marketing, Brandon approaches SEO and PPC (collectively SEM) with customer goals and ROI in mind. He believes that clear and understandable reporting enables his clients to make informed decisions for their business.

  • chris orzeske

    Chris Orzeske

    Social Media Strategist

    Chris is a communicator at heart who specializes in audience-driven branding and social media strategies. His background in omnichannel marketing informs his approach, ensuring that creative and compelling content always supports client goals.

  • ryann bull

    Ryann Bull

    Content Marketing Associate

    Ryann creates compelling content for blog posts and website service pages for our clients. She also spends her time editing and proofreading content.

  • luke burress

    Luke Burress

    UX/UI Designer

    Luke started with a love for art that blossomed into a love for design. He graduated from Texas State with a major in Communication Design, and found his passion for interactive design in his last two semesters thanks to some amazing teachers that pushed design with a purpose.

  • savannah solis

    Savannah Solis

    Digital Projects Coordinator

    Savannah’s background in traditional media and UI/UX design allows her to bring a different perspective to day to day project management. She finds that having clear and focused goals for our clients allows our team to collaborate with a common purpose.

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