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  • joe pickerill

    Joe Pickerill

    Founder + CMO

    Joe started Full Funnel Marketing when he recognized a need for his clients. In his 20+ years of experience, he worked to achieve digital marketing success for everyone from Fortune 100 companies to mom-and-pop small businesses. He is Full Funnel Marketing’s go-to numbers guy with an impressive understanding of how analytics and SEO data work to inform marketing decisions.

  • adrienne wellington

    Adrienne Wellington

    Digital Marketing Manager

    Adrienne guides and supports the marketing team. Her 15+ years of experience delivering marketing solutions to Fortune 500 companies, affinity organizations, and startups, gives her insight into the unique needs of each account. Adrienne thrives on the feel-good energy of happy clients and dynamic internal teams.

  • ryann bull

    Ryann Bull

    Content Marketing Coordinator

    Ryann conducts keyword research to guide strategy, as well as writes and edits any form of content that will help customers reach their goals. She has a hand in everything from short, conversion optimization text to long-form blog posts. Ryann loves her job because she gets to do what she loves every day—reading and writing!

  • daniela rogers

    Daniela Rogers

    Digital Marketing Coordinator

    As a member of the digital marketing team, Daniela focuses mainly on paid media accounts and assists in multiple areas of digital marketing when needed. She enjoys working with an awesome and creative team to produce effective campaigns and is grateful for professional development and learning opportunities.

  • daniela rogers

    Megan Forgey

    Digital Marketing Associate

    As a member of the content team, Megan focuses mainly on social media and local search. Having started in journalism, she loves the immediacy of digital marketing. Megan loves that she gets to learn about the industries our awesome clients are in while making content for them!

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